LED Sporting Display

In this new age of technology and development in sports related facilities, it is crucial to apply LED Display as the enhanced facility. In fact, it has already been widely used in most of the upscale sporting events. Function of LED Sporting display includes:

  • Introduction of player information and game status. Large, clear screen broadcast the games, allow the audience sitting remote to watch the match easier.

  • Connecting referee system, time scoring system, LED display screen in real time game play time and score.

  • Wonderful scenes, slow motion replay, close-ups, to bring the perfect visual feast.

  • Broadcast of commercial advertising to match the scene icing on the cake, the perfect picture quality and sound effects to make the scene more shocking game and the atmosphere.


LED Advertising Display

With the current technology of LED Display and the declining cost of LED Display, the application of LED advertising Display is the most affordable yet with the highest quality approach of advertising. This application has taken over the world of printed ads since it has multiply the income of the Advertiser, and at the same time, it obviously increase the outdoor marketing purpose.


LED Stage Backdrop

Stage display has been very important to not only provide information, it is also used to assist and is used as part of the performances. LED stage Display is applied for a better viewing quality. As it is also used as part of the performances such as background displays, the application helps the viewers to feel more realistic with better color and contrast.


Custom Designed LED Dance Floor

We always expect unique design for our client, this LED dance floor looks elegent even when it is empty.


Meteor Light 3D LED Tube

Meteor light is made of DMX vertical and horizontal tube, with the MADRIX Led Control software, we are able to control every single light running back and fort, dim and bright, or color changing from one to another, accompany with our innovative ideas, there come the so call "WoW" effects.